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PROFESSIONAL IN SYSTEMS ANALYSIS Published as a Service to the Oil and Gas Processing and Related Process Industries

Based on over half a century experience, the Mahmoodi families company, whose father was the founder, has established the Toos Hengam Engineering Company (THECO) employing experts in the field of Mechanical, Chemical, Structural, Process, Plant and Control Engineering.
It is this practical presentation that makes the THECO Pocket Companion a handy, indispensable tool that contains all the information required by experts everywhere.
The `2011 edition of the Pocket Companion briefly describes all THECO products.
Should you require more detailed information about any of our products, we should be glad to mail prospectuses on request.

For technical details, you may also consult our field service engineers.

To all customers and friends of THECO, successful working with THECO`s 2011 Pocket Companion! 

Toos Hengam Engineering Company 
Mashad-Iran, Jul 2011