Filter Scrubber

Filter Scrubber

filter separator

(model : th-hvfs1)



These are a horizontal filter with molded Woven polyester elements in the first stage and the second stage will be have a Vane demister Box giving a combined efficiency of 100% of 3 micron solids and 5 micron liquid.


The liquid sump of the Filter Separator is divided into two sections. This is to preclude any bypassing of gas from the first stage to the second stage, whenever solids contamination has caused an increase in differential pressure across the tube sheet.


Used for many years in critical installations where a high degree of dust removal is mandatory for successful operation, the THECO Filter separator has proved to be one of the most efficient and easily maintained gas filters. Utilizing a number of small-diameter fiberglass filtering elements, the THECO Filter removed 100% of all particles down to 5 microns in size and 99% of those size particles under 5 microns.

Principle of Operation

As the dust-laden gas enters the filter, heavy particles – such as rust, scale, etc. drop out of the gas stream. The gas then rises at low velocity and flows through a number of small diameters filter elements. The filter element consists of a hollow cylinder, which is made up of closely packed glass fibers and covered with a knitted cotton sock. A perforated metal liner serves as the side diameter support. This entire assembly surrounds a drilled structural support tube and is firmly anchored to it by a wing nut, end-cap and gasket arrangement at the top and a cap and gasket assembly at the base.

As the gas flows through the fiber tubes, small particles are trapped in the interstices of the matted fibers and retained. The clean gas then flows through the perforated metal liner and down the inside of the drilled support tube to the gas outlet.

Pressure Drop

The THECO Filter is ordinarily designed for a 1/2 to 2 PSI DP in the condition. As solid particles are filtered out from the gas stream, the pressure drop will increase. All Filter models are equipped with couplings on the inlet and outlet nozzles for checking the pressure drop. When the pressure differential reaches 15 PSI, it is recommended that the filter elements be cleaned or replaced. Excessive pressure drop of around 35 to 50 PSI across the elements will cause them to collapse. This causes no damage to the filter itself only to the elements, which can be easily replaced.

Filter Element Cleaning and Replacement

Cleaning and maintenance time is kept at a minimum through the use of the Peerless “O” Ring Closure a quick opening closure designed for one man opening and closing operations. The tubes in the filter are arranged so that they are immediately accessible and easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

Mist Eliminator

Mist eliminator is the special designed part for extracting water from natural gas. Free water will be eliminated when gas goes through the vane element. Liquid droplets are separated from the stream by repeated directional changes and are deposited on the walls of the vane element.


  • à Pressure gauges and differential Pressure gauges.
  • à Gas drain connections and valves shall be flanged (R.F.) Lubricated plug according to API 6 D.
  • à End closure Quick opening.
  • à Filter separator will be equipped with appropriate safety relief valve.
  • à All gauges and instruments will be completed with all necessary fittings valves supports, etc.

Our proposal has included for the following instrumentation on each of the units:

  • 2 off Liquid Level Gauge.
  • 2 off Drain Plug Valve.
  • 1 off Differential Pressure Gauge.
  • 1 off Vent Valve.
  • 1 off Relief Valve.
  • 1 off Pressure Gauge.

Closure Hinge or Clips

When the size of the THECO “O”Ring closure causes the head to be too heavy to be handle easily by hand, a clips or hinge is supplied as an extra.