Pig Signaler

Pig Signaler


Pig Signaler

PS-2 Model



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The THECO Pig signaling is a method of indicating when the pig has reached a certain point in the pipeline. Traditionally these have been mechanical devices, which flip up a flag when the pig actuates a pressure or mechanical sensor during its passage. This is usually achieved by attaching a triggering device or “signaler”. This may be activated by the pig physically moving a lever or a plunger, which protrudes, into the line (referred to as intrusive). Pig signalers are required at the very least at the exit of the pig traps.

Also it is possible to provide pig signal transmitter via the DCS systems.

Product Benefits

  • Easy to use and install, can be applied all kind of pigging systems.
  • You do not need a special tool or experience to install the pig indicator.
  • THECO pig indicator is made of corrosion resistant materials with long.
  • Can be fitted to all sizes of pipeline over 2” in diameter
  • Can be removed, serviced and replaced under full line pressure with specially designed removal tools, no need to shut down the line


Normal Service: Natural Gas

Connections: 2″- Welded Base or Flanged Type

Pressure Class: 600#  to 1500#

Operating pressure: 0 – 3000 psig (200 bar)


Main Body: Stainless steel 316L

Valve: Carbon Steel

Internal Parts: Stainless steel 316L/304

O-Ring: Buna N / Viton

Pig Signaler (Welded Type)


Pig Signaler(Flange Type)

Figure 1. Pig Signaler Assembly Detail


Before installation

Be sure you fully understand the application, operation and connection

of the device before installing.

Installing the pig signaler

WELDED CONNECTION: Fit-up the Welded Base of the Pig Signaler tube  to the Pig Trap Connection and then weld together.



With installation completed and appropriate relief installed and set. Slowly turn the flag on horizontal situation .note that for service your device first you must shut down the trap then open the body screw and remove internals , after it close the Pig signaler valve.


The flag dose not stay on horizontal situation


The screw behind the flag may be dose not tight sufficiently


Pull the flag part And open it then Tight sufficiently screw behind the flag. 

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